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Diversity & Inclusion at Sterile Mate

Diversity & Inclusion

Serving our communities is our #1 priority.  As a HUB organization, we would like to affirm our commitment to being at the forefront of Diversity & Inclusion.  Sterile Mate celebrates the diverse identities that build and enrich the organizations that we serve. Expanding our reach means that we seek employees, and supplier partnerships with those who share those same principles & values. Having a variety of perspectives and life experiences strengthens the fabric of our neighborhoods. Sterile Mate cultivates an open, affirming and inclusive work environment for all staff and supplier partners regardless of their race, handicap, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnic background.

Diversity & Inclusion

LGBTQ Community

Sterile Mate recognizes the impact of systemic, cultural, social, and economic factors that impact the experiences of people seeking to access the healthcare system. We are committed to partnering with healthcare organizations and other industries that provide equitable, inclusive service for our LGBTQ communities and their families, while also providing equal opportunities, advocacy, and support for all. As a testament to this commitment, Sterile Mate is proud to support The Montrose Center in Houston TX.

About the Montrose Center

The Montrose Center envisions a society in which all LGBTQ+ individuals have the opportunity and the resources they need to realize their full potential. Our team of state-licensed clinicians, masters-level therapists, skilled educators, support staff and dedicated volunteers work together to create healthier futures for our community. We hope you view the Montrose Center as a safe space to grow, learn, and be well.

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The Montrose Center