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B Braun S5104-5384 – 5% Dextrose Injection USP, 50 Fill in 100 mL PAB, 84 UNITS/CS

B Braun S5104-5384 – 5% Dextrose Injection USP, 50 Fill in 100 mL PAB, 84 UNITS/CS

5% Dextrose Injection USP, 50 Fill in 100 mL PAB

Dextrose Injections USP are sterile, nonpyrogenic and contain no bacteriostatic or antimicrobial agents. These products are intended for intravenous administration. These intravenous solutions are indicated for use in adults and pediatric patients as sources of calories and water for hydration.

  • No overwrap
  • Rigid port system
  • Tamper-evident caps
  • Not made with latex, PVC or DEHP.

Patient Care – Without Harmful Chemicals IV Solutions, Pre-Mixed Drugs, and Irrigation Solutions

Partial Additive Bag

How are B. Braun IV containers different from those that contain PVC?

B. Braun IV containers are biologically inert and are not made with PVC or the plasticizer DEHP. When certain medications, such as diazepam, nitroglycerin, cyclosporine andor paclitaxel, come in contact with PVC, there is potential for sorption of the drug and therefore the release of DHEP into the fluid and/or absorption of the active ingredient with subsequent subtherapeutic dosing.Using B. Braun IV containers reduces patient exposure to the plasticizer DEHP.

What are the overfill volume specifications for PAB IV containers?

The overfill is required to compensate for the tolerance of the filling equipment, for the volume remaining in the container after use, and for water vapor transmission from the container. The overfill ensures the required volume of solution is present in the container and the concentration remains within specifications through the shelf life of the product. The overfilling specifications for our PAB containers are as follows:

Fill Volume (mL) Overfill Specification Range (mL)
25 mL fill 29.5 4 mL (25.5 – 33.5 mL)
50 mL fill 57 4 mL (53 – 61 mL)
100 mL fill 109 4 mL (105 – 113 mL)

What are the additive volume specifications for PAB IV containers?

The table below lists both recommended maximum additive volumes and total container capacity:

Fill Volume (mL) Container Size (mL) Maximum Additive Volume (mL)
25 mL fill 100 75
50 mL fill 100 50
100 mL fill 150 50

It should be noted that if the containers are filled to capacity they will have an internal pressure of 1 PSI (equivalent to 28″ head height), which will result in a greater decrease in flow rate throughout the infusion. Unless an infusion pump is being used, the flow rate should be checked at least three (3) times during the infusion.

Can PAB IV containers be transported in a pneumatic tube system?

To transport a PAB IV container:

  • Fold PAB IV container in half so that the hanger tab is positioned on top and extends past ports to cushion the ports.
  • Load PAB IV container into the pneumatic tube carrier in the folded half position.
  • Ensure the carrier is securely latched; watch for pinch points.

To transport a PAB IV container with addEASE:

  • Gently fold PAB diagonally; use caution not to place extra pressure on the bag to avoid premature activation.
  • Keeping the diagonal fold on the PAB, position the connection in the pneumatic tube carrier with the vial facing down.
  • Close carrier carefully to ensure there are no pinched sides. Close latches.
  • B. Braun has not conducted any formal studies to determine the likelihood of inadvertent activation of the addEASE/PAB system in pneumatic tubes. However, minimizing the application of external pressure reduces the risk of inadvertent activation of the addEASE/PAB container.

Is the port system on the PAB IV container sterile?

The fluid path through the set port is sterile; however, the outside of the port cap (or the outside of the container) is not sterile. The medication port is also not sterile and should be disinfected prior to medication additions. Follow strict aseptic technique during mixing of medications and while attaching a set.

How many times can medication additions be administered with PAB IV containers?

Using aseptic technique, the injection site can be punctured up to four (4) times with an 18 gauge needle. Additive Cap N2140 is recommended to indicate that an additive has been made to the container, as well as to physically protect the medication site against dust and touch contamination. If further additions are required, the medication site must be swabbed after removal of the additive cap.

Can PAB IV containers be recycled?

PAB IV containers are made of a copolymer blend of ethylene and propylene and are recyclable with the number “7” as the resin identification number. Please follow your facilitys protocol for the recycling of fluid containers.

Storage and Shipping

Total Shelf Life (Months) 015
Ordering Unit Case
Units per Case 84
Dimensions per Case 13.187 x 10.375 x 9.125 inches
Shipping Weight per Case 14.445 lb