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Econo Wet Mop

Our standard microfiber mop has a microfiber-filled core that can be reused up to 500 launderings. Economops are designed for budget cleaning therefore have a slightly shorter life span This is accomplished by replacing the microfiber core with foam. If you’re in an environment where mops are frequently thrown out, or just need to lower cost, these are great options at lower price points. Available in blue and green to fit 18″ frames.

  • Econo Wet Mop – Blue, 18″ M830018B-F 10 DOZ/CASE 23” x 19” x 11” 17 lbs
  • Econo Wet Mop – Green, 18″ M830018G-F 10 DOZ/CASE 23” x 19” x 11” 17 lbs