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Warehouse storage is a critical part of the medical device supply chain. Proper warehouse storage can help ensure that medical devices are properly stored, protected from damage and theft, and always available when needed. Sterile Mate’s IO Warehouse & Distribution Center can improve the efficiency of your medical practitioner’s ability to treat their patients.

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Quality Assurance

Our team understands the ever-changing regulatory landscape involved in medical warehousing. We are designing our warehouse facilities with the unique needs of hospitals & clinics in mind. We take the worry out of medical storage by providing a full suite of quality assurance services.

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Warehouse Slotting

Defining the placement of products within a warehouse’s facility by calculating the optimum bin(s) for the product(s) in the warehouse and maximizing the use of the warehouse’s cube space. This enhances the storage space, labor and picking efficiency, and workload balance, resulting in a reduction in warehouse handling costs.

IN/OUT Warehousing, Licensed Facility, JIT Service, Suspicious Order Monitoring, Temperature Validations, Real-Time Inventory Management.


If you’re looking for a reliable distribution center, and warehouse facility for storing and distributing your facilities medical supplies, devices, and machinery, Sterile Mate IO is your preferred partner.

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We receive, verify, and store your product with our state-of-the-art inventory management system.


Our facility is designed for your unique storage needs, including solutions for medical devices, machinery, hospital beds & PPE.


We use defined staging areas for interim storage of multiple shipments to avoid mix-ups & Safety concerns.


After we receive your goods, they are sorted and placed in a designated area until they are requested.


We use the “JIT” approach for inventory management working with your hospital system so that your materials requests are scheduled for delivery when needed but no sooner – “Just In time”.


We know that “On-time” delivery is essential to your operation. We are committed to getting it right every time.

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SOPs are used in every step of the shipment process. These guidelines reduce the chance of stock mix-ups & Quality concerns.


Sterile Mate’s IO Warehouse & Distribution Center is located along the Hardy Toll Road in The North Houston District. We are just 5 minutes from the George Bush IAH Intercontinental Airport and 25 minutes from the Texas Medical Center. Sterile Mate has become a supplier partner for many hospitals and clinics in the medical center. We have the expertise, resources, and technology to meet our partnering medical facilities’ storage & distribution needs. From solving space issues to streamlining distribution flow, our services are designed to give your facility more control over supply chain costs & delivery. We can help hospitals fine-tune their need for “backup” or “pandemic” inventory. Our flexible warehouse services are tailored to suit your specific needs and budget. Key features of this solution are:

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Location bin optimization & increased storage location

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Real time location-level visibility

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Improved operational efficiency.

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Reduced medical facility operating costs

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Improved stock and truck turnaround ratio

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Automated reporting and exceptions

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Integration with WMS/EDI


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Reduces hospital’s on-site clutter, healthcare-acquired infections, and safety hazards.

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Increases product availability. up to 20% and reduces backorders.

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Improved overall visibility at medical facilities.

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Ease of Inventory Management

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