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Adult Expandable Anesthesia Circuits, 90″ (229 cm), Paralle, 3L, 20/CS

Medline DYNJAA0110 – Adult Expandable Anesthesia Circuits, 90″ (229 cm), Paralle, 3L, 20/CS

Adult Expandable Dual Limb Circuit

  • Circuit constructed of lightweight, flexible and patient-safe 22 mm expandable tubing.
  • Tubing is 100% leak inspected at production.
  • Medline breathing bags are made from our unique synthetic-rubber blend that is not made with natural rubber latex.
  • This material was designed to provide optimal feedback for accurate pressure assessment.
  • Most widely stocked options: DYNJAA9120 and DYNJAA0110.
  • Not made with natural rubber latex.

Breathing Bags

Breathing bags are 100% ISO 5362 compliant to meet anesthesia needs. Each bag is inspected to ensure the highest levels of quality and delivers uniform inflation to provide a consistent feel.

  • Accommodates all patient needs and physician preferences.
  • Offered in a variety of sizes, from 0.5 L to 3 L.
  • Available in 2 pleats or a slim 3-pleat style that inflates in a narrow shape to accommodate various hand sizes.

Tail Valve Anesthesia Masks

  • Flexible material-Keeps a tight seal on unique patients without over stressing your grip.
  • Finger grips-Relax your hand. No more white knuckles. Use the grips to create a steady, relaxed hold.
  • Repositioned connection port-Gives all hand sizes maximum access to patients mandible.

Unlimb Circuits

  • High Level of Heat and Humidity for Inspired Gases The inspiratory tube of our unilimb circuits becomes surrounded by the patient’s warm exhaled breath. This creates a thermal wrap around the inspiratory tube, which increases the temperature and humidity of inspired gases.
  • Less Clutter and Disorder In the Anesthesia Field Remove clutter and disorder from the anesthesia field. Clutter can be further reduced by selecting an optional internal gas sampling line.
  • Bonded Inspiratory Limb Prevent disconnects at the patient end, unintentional increases in dead space and mixing of inhaled and exhaled gases with this unique feature
  • Adult and Pediatric Circuit Simplify differentiation with our color-coded design. Inspiratory tubes are green in pediatric circuits and blue in adult circuits.

High-Efficiency HMEs

Extensive line of HMEs is available to meet ISO standards and offer a high level of clinical protection to neonatal, pediatric and adult patients.

  • Designed to trap moisture and reduce the risk of moisture build-up in the anesthesia circuit and sampling lines.
  • Traps moisture with hygroscopic membrane to provide effective airway humidification.
  • Gas sampling ports available with tethered cap.


  • Bacterial / Viral Protection Inspiratory.
  • Bacterial/Viral Filters 1
  • Breathing Bag Size 3 Liter.
  • Cap Tethered.
  • Gas Sampling Line MM 10′
  • Gas Sampling Port Elbow.
  • HME Not Included.
  • HPIS Code 680_60_20_20
  • Latex Free Yes.
  • Mask Size 5
  • Patient Type Adult.
  • Product Type Adult Expand Anesthesia Cir.
  • Tubing Length 90
  • Tubing Type Expandable.
  • UNSPSC 42272209
  • Wye Parallel.