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Agfa Corporation EKMKA – Film AGFA Drystar 14×17″ DT2B Blue Sensitive 5×100/Ca

Agfa Corporation EKMKA standard dry imaging films deliver precise and reliable image quality. Low minimum density.

EKMKA has image layer and protect layer on different side of bluish polyester bases, and there are no sensitive silver halide in both layer. The film is fit for thermal printer to print digital image which is processed and stored in the computer, to attain the enhanced x-ray image quality. Compared to traditional silver halide processing, the procedure is more convenient and the speed of processing is faster. Meanwhile, it reaches to the goal of environment protection because the whole procedure is free of the Chemicals.


  • Low fog.
  • High sharpness.
  • High max density.
  • Bright tone.
  • Compatible with Fuji Drypix2000, AGFA thermal printers.


It can be processed under room light condition since the film is not sensitive to light.


The product can be directly printed with Fuji, Lucky or AGFA thermal printers to get ideal image. The print conditions should be tested when using in other printer types.


Please store the film in cool and dry place without dust. Keep away from direct sunlight, acid or alkaline gas. Details as follows,

  1. Temperature and humidity,temperature 10C~23C, humidity 30%~65%RH, keep away from the heat resource.
  2. Gas,There are no hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, and any other alkaline gas, etc.
  3. Pile,Please keep film upright to avoid the bad influence caused by pressure.


  1. Store the film under the conditions specified above.
  2. Take the film out of the cool place and place the film with the package in the place where the film will be used for at least 4 hours, to avoid the steam concentrate on the film and damage the film.
  3. It should be careful to handle the film, dont crash, fold, distort and rub the film, dont touch the film with wet hand.
  4. Dealing with the waste film should obey the local law and regulations.