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OCL Splint Roll-2 Plaster Splinting System, 2 in x 20 ft, 1 roll

OCL Splint Roll – 15 Layer

OCL is the first name in Plaster Splint Roll. OCL Splint Roll is constructed with 15 or 11 layers of plaster encased in open cell foam and flannel. The open cell foam provides padding and prevents migration while the flannel reduces moisture retention.

Features & Benefits

  • DuoSet plaster allows a quick set time with minimal heat
  • Open cell foam and flannel
  • Reinforced layer
  • Available in 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″ and 6″
  • 11 and 15 layers

The OCL Splint Roll-2 Custom Splinting System is an improved plaster splinting product. Greater strength than other plaster splints. The DuoSet plaster gives faster initial set on outer layer. The foam and flannel covering is comfortable for the patient. The open cell foam prevents splint from migrating and improves air exchange for enhanced patient comfort. The flannel reduces moisture retention; ensures faster set times. Non-woven layer allows plaster crystals to lock in the dimpled areas and form additional reinforcement without added weight. Thermal barrier also doubles as a filtering system to prevent plaster from embedding in foam layer. Continuous roll configuration means less waste; cut what you need. Sizing is easy with different widths available. Surged sides provide added patient comfort. Innovative design facilitates custom splinting applications.