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Safety Infusion Set(FBV)

Product Introduction

Ins 1000 Series  ——  Safety Infusion Set

Product Name Reorder No.
Safety Infusion Set (FBV) INS-1201
Safety Infusion Set (FBV-TPE) INS-1201T
Safety Infusion Set (FBV-F) INS-1202
Safety Infusion Set (FBV-F-TPE) INS-1202T

Flow Blocking Valve (FBV)  in the drip chamber can prevent the bubble goes into the tube under the chamber, and can auto block the flow once the drip chamber runs empty.

  • Preventing bubbles
  • Auto stopping the flow
  • Safety in container switching
  • Preventing backflow of blood

Safe and Convenient

  • No risk of bubbles entering.
  • No risk once the drip chamber is empty but without noticing.
  • No risk of blood backstreaming.
  • Easy for container switching.